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We offer the sale and installation of a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and more.

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We specialize in uninstalling and installing a wide range of corporate software such as Adobe, Corel, AutoCAD, and more

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Our repair services for older desktops, laptops, and Mac systems encompass both hardware and software solutions.

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For many years, InfyCore has been delivering hardware and network solutions to businesses of varying scales. Our expertise lies in a range of IT services, encompassing Installation, Repair, Annual Maintenance, and resolution of diverse Hardware and networking challenges. This includes proficient handling of MAC/Windows OS Servers, repair services for Desktops and laptops, extensive Servers, Printers, Modems, WiFi setups, Networking solutions, Cloud Services, Web Design, Video Editing, and many more...

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There are several types of software licenses, including proprietary, open-source, and subscription based. Proprietary licenses grant limited use of the software, while open source licenses provide more flexibility. Subscription licenses offer access to software for a fixed period.

To choose the right software, consider your specific requirements, budget, and compatibility with your operating system. Read reviews, request demos, and assess whether the software meets your goals.

SaaS is a cloud-based software delivery model where users access software over the internet instead of installing it on their local devices. It’s known for its scalability, accessibility, and subscription-based pricing.

Look for software sales during holidays or special promotions. Consider volume licensing for business software needs, and explore bundles or packages that may offer cost savings, or you can contact us for bulk purchase discussion.

The process varies by software and licensing agreement. Typically, you can deactivate the software on one device and reinstall it on another, adhering to the terms and conditions of the license.

A single-user license allows one person to use the software, while a multi-user license permits multiple users, often with restrictions on the number of simultaneous users. Choose the option that suits your organization’s needs

Many software providers offer free trials or demo versions that allow you to test the software’s functionality and suitability for your needs. Take advantage of these opportunities to make an informed decision.

Most subscription-based software allows you to upgrade or downgrade your plan, typically on a monthly or yearly basis. Check with the software provider for specific details and terms, because we just sell subscriptions or license.

Using pirated or unlicensed software can lead to legal consequences, security vulnerabilities, and unstable software performance. It’s essential to use licensed software to ensure compliance and safety.

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